A Sustainable Festival of Music + Art + Education + Film


Welcome to ENDOTREND, an annual altruistic philanthropic festival featuring music, art, education, film, and more! ENDOTREND is the first fully altruistic and sustainable summit and festival in the world featuring music, film, art, and other new, dynamic, unique concepts to cultivate change in the community. ENDOTREND's unique concepts include: a Solutionary Showcase &  Socialpreneur Expo, Kids Ecotainment Zone, and Sustainable Food court. ENDOTREND is an annual event kicking off  October 1st, 2016 .

ENDOTREND is a truly philanthropic endeavor, where local artists and musicians, festival organizers and businesses are invited to give back to the community, this relationship inspires attendees to become civically engaged, supporting non-profits and philanthropic endeavors working to manifest change in the communities they serve. The festival itself is near-zero waste, plastic-free, near-zero energy, and, where possible, a near-zero emissions event.

Every Ticket Sold Supports Eco-Social Conscious Organizations!

ENDOTREND has partnered with a consortium of nonprofits, eco-social conscious entities and individuals of all walks of life to launch this momentous event in key locations around the world that will take place  October, 1st 2016. The objective is to ignite a tipping point throughout society that will lead to transformative change. This can be accomplished by coming together more so than just as individuals. 


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Check out our indiegogo campaign!

The funds raised in this campaign will go to pay for the exciting and community changing festivals in two locations (Denver & Philadelphia) and supports Tindakan's Beneficiary Alliance (BA), an alliance of solution-based organizations championing  for eco-social-justice causes. 

If we reach our raise goal we will be able to produce a festival in at least our flagship location. With our stretch goals, we can expand to all two locations and also attract bigger talent and additional speakers. With each raise goal, donations will be given to each of the members of the BA to help further their missions and bring about change in our communities, locally and globally. 


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